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Is Yahoo chat rooms still available?


Yahoo has been providing brilliant services over the years. One particular service took the market by storm. The Yahoo chat room service was one of its kind. It allowed you to interact and communicate with your friends and contacts via text messages and images. Sadly it is no longer available as the firm decided to shut down the whole program.

Some of its amazing features include;

  • You can easily un-send messages and delete them which was quite a unique feature that is now being used by other chat services like Whatsapp and Instagram.
  • You can send entertaining gifs while chatting with your friends and family to make the conversation more engaging.
  • The Yahoo chat rooms also had the option of sending images as attachments to other users. A feature that was not supported by most of the software. It allowed you to send more than a total of 100 images to your contacts. The only drawback was that the images will be sent in low-resolution quality.
  • You can access these Yahoo chat rooms without even downloading the application. Just enter your sign-in credentials and you are good to go. You can also access the offline feature that automatically sends the images and messages in the queue to your contacts once you get online.
  • You also get the option of group chats where you can chat with multiple contacts at once.

Although it offered some amazing features and a great user-interface, the chat room was shut down due to a severe loss in revenues as well as users. You can only access its alternatives if you want to avail of similar services of the chat room made by Yahoo.


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