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Yahoo Mail Not Working On Computer


Well, if your Yahoo mail is not working on the computer, then you have to fix the issue that is interrupting your experience. These steps listed here will help you in fixing the error with your yahoo account. 

Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working Problem

Clear the Cache – Well, you should start by clearing the browser cache, cookies, and history. These things most probably cause a few issues on the browser.

Update the Browser – Sometimes, a function might not work if the browser is not updated to the latest version. Go ahead and update your browser to make sure that everything works fine. 

Restart the System – Well, you can try to restart the system to get rid of a few things that may obstruct the working of Yahoo mail. 

Enable the JavaScript – Ensure that you have enabled the JavaScript in your browser to allow all functions to work fine. 

Disable the Extensions – Browser extensions have a habit of breaking a few things on websites. If you are using them, disable them as soon as possible. 

Antivirus and other products – Well, antivirus and other security products have a habit of interfering in the working of a few pages or websites on the computer. Make sure you have disabled them or allowed 

Reset the browser – You can reset the browser to default to check if the settings on your browser are interfering with the working. 

If nothing seems to work, then you can try to switch browsers or try to login from a mobile device to check if everything is working or not. 

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