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Why Headphones not Showing up in Windows 10?

Almost all the experiences on the laptops and Desktops are invariably better. Be it music, films or professional meetings. Using a headphone elevates the experience. You feel more focused when you work as you can hear them clearly, while you listen to music you can feel more as the sound hits your eardrums more clearly. However, sometimes these experiences can be spoiled due to the fact that your headphones not showing up on windows 10. This is an issue for most people and hundreds of people have filed a complaint regarding that. This might happen for various reasons, one of them could be due to hardware problems. If your headphones would not connect to Windows 10, then do read this article.


Solutions to headphones not showing in Windows 10


Solution 1: If headphones are not showing in Windows 10 then enable them manually.

They might be disabled and can be back in Playback devices. So, go to Playback devices and change it.

Solutions 2: First uninstall the audio driver and then reinstall it again. Many times, all your system needs is a nice reboot when your headphones not showing up windows 10.

Solution 3: If uninstalling does not work then update your auto driver. It can be done in two ways, automatically and manually. Pick a way in which you might feel more comfortable to show headphones in your Windows 10.

As we have given you the tricks of the trade on what to do when your headphones are not showing on Windows 10. Use these methods and get rid of these problems, hence use headphones in your Windows 10 system easily.


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