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How to Setup Gmail in Outlook?


Gmail is hands down the most sort after emailing website, this website helps users to send and receive emails quite easily. Google has been around for decades now and not only has it proved its efficiency within the search engine that it has created by has expanded itself in other areas as well. It works equally well with google documents, excel sheets, and slides. However, nothing about Google is more valuable and used more widely than Gmail. The same is with the Outlook service that is created by Microsoft, it is so popular among office workers, they cannot function without Outlook nowadays. Some users also use the two together and communicate across platforms so that they can get messages across by setting up Gmail with Outlook. Whereas most of the time, they succeed and can use it like this, sometimes users cannot link Outlook with their Gmail. In that case, users ask how to set up Gmail in outlook and we are here to let you know that. 


How to set up Outlook with your Gmail?


This is the most crucial part of the article and in this article, we will let you know how to configure Gmail in outlook. There is a process to do this and without wasting much time, let's get straight into how can you set up Outlook with Gmail. 

  • First, Select the Gmail File > Add Account.

  • Now enter your Gmail email address and tap on the Connect option.

  • Now, Outlook will start a Gmail window that will look for your password. Perhaps enter the Gmail password and choose the Sign in.

  • Now, write your Gmail password in the password field.

  • Whether you have earlier enabled 2-factor authentication for Gmail, you'll be asked to write the code which is sent to your smartphone. If your system is not enabled with 2-factor authentication then use step 6.

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